Balloons - Technical Rider

Elinor Agam Stage Director


2 persons

Flights from Israel

Two single bedrooms hotel



Local transportation

For two persons per day


Possibility of 3 shows per day

Show fee

20 kilos

Overweight luggage

See next page

Set creation in place

Theatre's crew for set-up ( light sound...)

Local Technical crew

36 inches plasma

Plasma rental

For two

Visa fee (if needed)


"Balloons" is flexible and adaptable, and can present a show under a range of conditions. This technical rider overview outlines the most ideal environment for staging a "Balloons" performance.


1.        RUNNING TIME

"Balloons" runs approximatively 38 minutes and can be followed by a meeting with the actress



"Balloons" tours with 2 personnel including:

·         1 Actress

·         1 Stage Manager



"Balloons" come with a luggage of approximatively 20 kilos overweight

4.        STAGING

·         Performance floor space of 5m wide, 4m deep, 3m height

·         Audience area: it is better to have a hall where the audience can sit on the floor upon the carpets we have.


4.        SOUND

·         CD player connected to  two side amplifiers


5.        LIGHT

·         Luminary is according to the venue. There is no need of light plan but spots lightening with colors: blue , red  and white.

·         Spots must be connected to manual/computer dimmer for variable lightening levels.

·         Fully darkened room


6.        VIDEO

·         Plasma screen 36inch screen


7.        SCHEDULE

·         Audience entrance : 10 minutes before the show

·         Load-in time for the first show in new place is 3 hours

·         Deconstructing is about an hour

*needs local technical staff


Balloons – Set to build

A : main construction sizes are important. + stand for doll + stickers  Stand On floor
B:  Box 1 + stickers  

C:  Box 2 + stickers  

D: Main carpet + 50 small carpets

+ stand for TV





elinor agam cultural attache stage director