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The Mediatheque theatre presents - The Butterfly Kiss

A multi-disciplinary play for children

"Butterfly Kiss" is a one-woman, non-verbal show for very young children, that combines music, video-art, animation, puppetry, dance and shadows.

The show has won a title of honor by the National Cultural Organization.

It has participated at:

· More than 100 shows inside Israel in theatres, kindergardens and organizations for children with special needs.

· International Theatre Festival for young audience Haifa - Israel

· Monodrama Festival “Teatronetto" – Tel Aviv

· Israel Festival for Young Audience – Tel-Aviv

· International Puppet theatre Festival in Jerusalem

· Kijimuna Festival- Okinawa Japan

· Shizuoka Festival – Japan

· Little theatre Festival- Channai – India

· AHA! Festival – Bangalore – India

· Habitat theatre – Dehli – India

· Next international tours: Uzbekistan and Thailand

About "Butterfly Kiss"

The show tells the story of a young girl running after the butterflies she has collected. Before she lets them free again, she wants to get a last butterfly kiss. She will reach it with the children's help from the audience.

The show is a fabulous experience for every young child (from age 1 to 101) through which he will explore the magical world of theatre.

“An artistically rich show made with love … Pleasant moments of stage magic” habama website

“The actress hypnotizes the audience with magic, gentleness and a lot of beauty” mako website

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