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The "Jungle Book" on Tour

The Mediatheque Theater and Fresco Dance Company


The Jungle Book

A Dance show for the entire family

Rudyard Kipling's classic story is brought vividly to life by Fresco Dance Company. The Mediatheque Theater's recent acclaimed production tells the story of a "man cub" named Mowgli who is found and adopted by the wolves in the Jungle and becomes one of them.

But when Shir Khan, the man-eating tiger, who hates humans, threatens to kill Mowgli- Bagheera the panther volunteers to take Mogli to a safe village. However, the young boy does not want to leave the Jungle and insists on staying with his good friend Balu, the bear.

Mogli encounters both amusing and scary characters throughout the Jungle, such as a meeting with the crazy monkeys, the cool elephants and the devious snake, Ka. But altogether, in their own special way, they each teach him important lessons about life and survival.

Just when Mowgli is sure he can survive in the Jungle forever, he meets a young girl, discovers his human identity, finds his place in the world and experiences for the first time a deep feeling of belonging- thanks to love.


Choreographer: Yoram Karmi

Stage director: Elinor Agam Ben-David

Playwright: Daniel Efrat

English version: Hadar Galron

Costumes and set design: Svetlana Berger

Music: Ariel Keshet

Lightening design: Uri Morag

Dancers: Fresco Dance Company

Actress: Meital Damari 

About the Mediatheque Theatre

Since 2004

Within a few Years, the Mediatheque Theater has produced over fifty plays for children and youth (between five to six new productions every year), many of which are based on classic Israeli and International literature, as well as original plays that were written specially for young audiences.

Within a brief time-span, the Mediatheque Theater has attained the largest subscriber-base in the country, and has been recognized by the Establishment: in 2011 the theater has won 23 leading awards for children and youth .

It is the only theater for children and youth that operates within its own hall, in addition to performing all over the country.

The Mediatheque Theater, in collaboration with the annual Israel Festival in Jerusalem ( , produces a major international festival for children and young audiences. Theater companies from all over the world participate in this festival,

in a collaborative endeavor that has garnered wide artistic acclaim, and we are looking to expand these collaborative projects.

As part of its global cooperation, the Mediatheque Theater also produces and Markets plays designated for international festivals abroad, on an independent basis, as well as with the help of ASSITEJ International (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People).

About Fresco Dance Company 

 Fresco Dance Company was established in 2002 by Yoram Karmi, and consists of 10 dancers.

The company's style varies and is made up of different dance techniques. There is a strong emphasis on technique as well as individual style and character. Since founded the company is performing regularly in Israel and around the world.

For the past 6 year Fresco Dance Company produces every year a dance piece for children and the entire family alongside its regular repertoire.

National theatre Taiwan 2012

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